How to store books

As we move towards a paperless world, books, and the way in which we read them, are changing. Through the marvels of technology, stories, once confined to the written page, now float in the digital ether – waiting to be plucked at a moment’s notice, and read on our laptops, cell phones, and electronic readers.

Most of my friends and family have picked up electronic readers. While these devices have certain advantages, if you’re like me, feeling the weight and flipping through the pages of an actual book are as much a part of the experience as reading itself. Naturally, the books have started to pile up – I literally keep them in stacks on the floor around my house. I am by no means a hoarder; however, when it comes to books, I simply cannot let go. While I have no reasonable explanation for keeping some of the worst fiction ever written, I do, and it’s becoming a problem.

Recently, having joined the fabulous Unputdownable Book Club, I realized the following: If I continue to buy books at my current pace and refuse to let go of those that I have already read, I’m going to be buried in books by the age of 35. Therein lies the topic of today’s post – how to store books. I think it’s time to re-think the piles on the floor and give my precious books a nice place to sit.

Thankfully, I’m not the only one who has encountered this problem. There are fantastic home and design websites that offer insight and inspiration on creative book storage. I’ve chosen some of my favorites to share and have done so with careful consideration. A huge budget? A home library? Probably not. These ideas are reasonable, inexpensive and attainable for every home.

I love this. Using glass frames to house some favorites is a great way to make room on the shelves for new books and deck-out your walls with some inexpensive artwork. How clever! Definitely adding it to my to-do list. Image found here.

Where any old bookcase simply won’t do, why not turn an old cabinet with glass doors into book storage? It’s a great way to spice things up and get your DIY on. It also offers an excuse to treasure hunt at flea markets and garage sales. Image found here.

Storing books in an unused fireplace is becoming increasingly trendy. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. There is something frightening about storing paper in a space meant to house fire, but I will admit it looks neat and makes great use of space. What I do love about this is how the books are stacked any which way. I think it looks fantastic – like the books actually get used. My shelves currently look like this, but I’ll admit, it wasn’t on purpose. Image found here.

Short on space? This is a perfect solution for small apartments and condos.  Storing books on shelves that line the top of the walls can eliminate bulky bookcases and leave room for the necessities. The best part about it is that there are countless ways in which it can be done, depending on style and personal taste. Image found here.

This space, by Apartment Therapy is by far my favorite. While it is a little more extravagant than the other ideas (I’ve been told I have expensive taste), it is attainable. Custom, built-in shelving (with a ladder, no less) is striking and really makes the best use of a space. These shelves turn a somewhat awkward entryway into a marvelous little reading area. If you’re willing to do some shopping around, custom shelving can even be done at a reasonable price. Image found here.

What do you think? Have you got any other ideas for creative book storage? Would love to hear them! Comment below.

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2 Responses to How to store books

  1. Julia Kent says:

    My favourite would be the books in the frames. But where would one find frames thick enough to accomodate books?


  2. The frames are easily made, but would have to be hung away from a traffic area as a protruding frame would take some knocks. Keep them out of direct sunlight as well, as if thinking of resale – the covers are the best selling point. The post was great to read, nice to see new ideas.


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