Everything you thought you knew about book club…

Most of the time, as a 24-year-old female, when I tell people I’m going to book club I’m met with a snicker and a “Do you KNIT and drink TEA too?”

As I silently and shamefully reflect that my last night off DID involve yarn and a steaming pot, I gather myself to shoot back, “NO, you a**hole. We actually get cray… OKAY!?”

Well, at least at Christmastime we do.November 2012 121

The first annual Christmas Party / Regular Meeting / Potluck / Gift Exchange / Sleepover / FLIP. CUP. TOURNAMENT. was a smashing success (emphasize the word smashed).

Now, I understand that you, at this point, may be fiending with jealousy, but fear not. I will let you in on the night’s highlights. Those rated PG-13 anyway.

IMG_39571. Santa came to visit.
It was 25 days before Christmas, and all through the house, every creature was stirring, girls gone wild sans spouse.
The drinks were being sipped with love and with care, and all of a sudden, St. Nicholas was there!
SOMEONE, who shall remain nameless (Julia), dressed as Santa and in a middle-eastern accent (wtf!?) Ho-Ho-Ho’d his way into the hearts of us all. As our hostess returned to learn that she’d just missed the big man in red, her response was one that truly embodied the Christmas spirit, “I missed Santa!? Oh well, let’s take some shots.”
Here, here.


The cause.

2. TTS… Test Tube Shooters
You know the first time you watched Miss. Congeniality and you saw the scene where they took shots out of test tubes and thought to yourself, “How could anyone be so cool?” (No, just me?) Well, that was 12 years ago, and I must admit it’s not my first rodeo when it comes to TTS being involved, but in my opinion, they’re ALWAYS a welcome addition to any civilized gathering.

The effect.

The effect.

photo-83. The jackets.
As mentioned above, this evening came complete with a three-teamed, score-kept flip cup tournament, that really was no laughing matter. photo-10With teams like “Santa’s bad b**ches” and team “Will Smith” you KNOW we weren’t messing around.
So what do you do when every group, in your -small- round robin, has played each other upwards of 25 times? You obviously regroup, reorganize, turn up gangsta jams, remember that about half the book club grew up hip hop dancing, AND emphasize this revelation by wearing costumes. In our case, these costumes happened to be Julia & her other half’s collection of winter coats.
But, if you think anyone was playing nice in a leather bomber jacket, you had another thing coming.November 2012 177

4. “If I could ____ anyone, it would be Marshall Mathers the Third.”
Who said that you ask? Sorry, some of what happens at book club, stays at book club. Seek membership if you know what’s good for you.November 2012 147



5. The case of the missing plates.

At the last book club sleepover, things got out of hand.
Like LITERALLY out of hand, people kept dropping things.

"It wasn't me!"

“It wasn’t me!”

And by dropping I mean the time Erin launched an Avocado across the room and it left a path of destruction (sorry Erin, one more mention). This time NOTHING broke.

If you’ve ever hosted a party – one where more bottles of wine were consumed than people in attendance, featuring a bunch of gesticulating girls – then you will realize just how impressive a feat this is. However …. Julia’s dinner plates went missing ….

Forget a large mess, an everlasting smell of alcohol and a hangover that stays for at least two days … the way to know you held a REAL party … missing kitchenware.

November 2012 120

Now, don’t get us wrong. We still managed to have a literary discussion about Jenny Lawson’s Let’s Pretend That Never Happened. (Which happened to become the theme of the next morning.)

We also selected, without contest, Rachel Joyce’s The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry as our next book club pick.IMG_3972

We discussed things like our lives, loves, jobs and holiday plans. We caught up with friends and reminded ourselves why book club is the best day of the month.

We ARE a group of women that is passionately devoted to books, food, wine and each other, but in conclusion, the next time you’re about to judge someone for being excited about book club … you may want to think again.November 2012 148


About Catherine Kitts

Catherine wrote her first story when she was four-years-old. It was entitled "The Nest" and she won a prize for it. Naturally, that lead her down a path destined to, one day, write best sellers ….. Or at least read them. Somewhere between getting a Bachelor of Journalism from Carleton University, slinging drinks professionally (and otherwise), becoming the editor of a local newspaper, and partying her face off at every chance she gets, Catherine found time to proudly hold a title as "founding member" of the Unputdownable book club. Thought provoking, life inspiring or heartstring-pulling fiction is what interests her most. In fact, if it were acceptable, Catherine would be completely content quitting all jobs and ignoring all social engagements to simply curl up with a book - day in and day out. When she's not writing for her newspaper, her blog, or this blog, Catherine is furthering her love of news, gossiping about The Bachelor, dying in a hot yoga class, traveling someplace new, cheering on a hockey game, planning an adventurous future, or even more likely, having a cocktail … or ten. Twitter @catkitts / @inanutshellca
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7 Responses to Everything you thought you knew about book club…

  1. Julia Kent says:

    So good. So, so good. Love you Catty!


  2. Kevin Kitts says:

    Holy Hannah Montana, Batman!
    Can I join your book club!


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