Meeting the author – Our outing with Nancy Richler

As our regular readers may be aware, The Unputdownable Book Club has started getting into the habit of contacting our authors. In January, we got in touch with Lauren B. Davis over Twitter and she very kindly offered to answer any questions we had about Our Daily Bread. I think I can safely speak for all the UBC ladies when I say we were overjoyed by her candidness and that she had taken the time to read our blog!

Flattery will get you everywhere, Lauren.

Flattery will get you everywhere, Lauren.

This interaction was so enlightening and fantastic that Julia decided to also get in touch with Nancy Richler – author of February’s pick, The Imposter Bride (stay tuned for Meghan‘s review tomorrow!). It just so happened that Nancy was going to be in town for a reading at one of our favourite Ottawa spots – Octopus Books. Well if you know anything about the UBC, you know we never pass up the chance for an outing, and true to form we decided to make it a reading-plus-wine bar occasion.


I’m not kidding about the “stately” thing. Proof!

I was the first one there from my group, and was kindly greeted by Nancy’s dog, Bella – a stately yet enthusiastic host. The second thing I noticed was the refreshments table, cheese and wine included. This was promising. Shortly after, Meghan joined me and we were approached by the author (I can only assume Bella notified her we had arrived) who asked us if we were from the book club and made us feel very welcome.

Let me take this opportunity to say that if you ever have the chance to go to a reading – do it! We learned so much about the author’s intentions, her creative process, and personal background that the novel reading experience was immensely enriched. I was especially interested in her comparison of diamonds to people and her personal account of how she had put a kibosh on the original publishing date when she realized the voice of Ruthie wasn’t right. Following her instincts paid off – this was her third novel and it got short-listed for the Giller!

Fan-girling hard.

Fan-girling hard.

After the reading, we were lucky enough to have Nancy sign our copies of her book and talk to her further. Cat (an aspiring novelist) made an important connection as well – Nancy offered mentoring support during the process of writing any future manuscripts. I left Octopus Books with only one thought in mind – I am intent on reading Your Mouth is Lovely (Nancy’s second novel).


There is one down-side to all of this, of course – we’re spoiled! Being able to ask the author questions adds a whole other dimension to novels that you just can’t get elsewhere. We’ve been on a Canadian author kick recently, and it’s continuing this month with Marina Nemat’s Prisoner of Tehran. Of course, we’ve already tried to get a hold of her as well. So Marina…tweet us?


The ladies of the Unputdownable Book Club celebrate Canadian authors and independent book sellers, and we think you should too!

Please follow the links I’ve provided to get more information on the people and places featured in this post – let’s spread the love.


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