Books with buzz: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone-Girl-by-Gillian-FlynnIf you did not receive at least one book at Christmas then you are not a true book lover.

Too harsh?

Okay, if you did not receive at least one book at Christmas then your family and friends really dropped the ball.

This year, I was excited that grandmaman knocked it out of the park (ok, let’s be honest my mom’s handwriting was on the tag), and I had Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl under the tree.

Not only had this book spent eight weeks on the New York Times’ Bestseller list and had already caught my eye on the Chapters shelf, but Reese_wenn3686388Reese Witherspoon (complete girl crush) bought the rights and will be producing and starring in an adaptation.

If that doesn’t sell me on a book, I don’t know what will.

So despite a busy beginning to 2013, and mandatory book club readings, it wasn’t long before I sunk my teeth into the 415-page novel.

Now, last night, at a book club gathering featuring wining, dining, this obnoxious cocktail  (see right) photo copy 11purchased by yours truly, and well wishes for Brigitte who is sadly leaving us, my mind managed to be completely blown by our newest member, Laura.

Over a cursory exchange over what kind of readers we both are, we had the instant bond of both being very. slow. readers.

That’s when Laura told me that to try and conquer this serious problem, you should hold your tongue to your palette because people who read slowly often read at the same pace they would talk out loud. That’s when I realized that my tongue actually moves, in my mouth, while I read in my head. Mind. Blown.

That tangent was just to say that, generally, I do not read books quickly. In fact, it usually takes me the full month to get through whichever book club book we’ve selected. (Which looks good for my 2013 reading challenge. Ugh.)

But ladies, gentlemen and fellow lovers of books, I FLEW through Gone Girl. It was a labour of love, really. Carrying the novel with me wherever I went, sneaking in a chapter at every spare copy 2

This book is literally one of the most UNPUTDOWNABLE I’ve ever read.

Now, I could understand if some thought this novel is a little over-the-top.

The plot follows the relationship between Amy and Nick Dunne and it doesn’t take long for the reader to discern that the marriage is in turmoil as the pair gets ready to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary.

Then, Amy disappears.

All eyes are on Nick as he tries to figure out what happened to his wife before the police do.

Switching perspective between Nick’s narration of present day events and a series of Amy’s journal entries that begin, in the past, at the very beginning of their relationship, the plot takes a series of twists and turns that left me thinking, “WTF is going on,” multiple times.

Gillian Flynn.

Gillian Flynn.

Despite the action-packed nature of the plot, Flynn managed to include some incredibly insightful and thought provoking passages about relationships, insecurities and life in the fast lane.

One of my favourites:

“They have no harsh edges with each other, no spiny conflicts, they ride through life like conjoined jellyfish – expanding and contracting instinctively, filling each other’s spaces liquidly. Making it look easy, the soul-mate thing. People say children from broken homes have it hard, but the children of charmed marriages have their own particular challenges.”

Unknown-4The story can be a little gimmicky at times, and Flynn’s background as a former writer and critic for Entertainment Weekly definitely comes out at parts, but if you’re looking for an expertly written, multi-perspective novel, with captivating characters and more twists than an episode of Criminal Minds, then this is the read for you.

My main concern when reading Gone Girl was, “I hope this book ends as well as it started.”

But for that, well, you’re just going to have to read it yourself.

Have you read Gone Girl? What did you think? 


About Catherine Kitts

Catherine wrote her first story when she was four-years-old. It was entitled "The Nest" and she won a prize for it. Naturally, that lead her down a path destined to, one day, write best sellers ….. Or at least read them. Somewhere between getting a Bachelor of Journalism from Carleton University, slinging drinks professionally (and otherwise), becoming the editor of a local newspaper, and partying her face off at every chance she gets, Catherine found time to proudly hold a title as "founding member" of the Unputdownable book club. Thought provoking, life inspiring or heartstring-pulling fiction is what interests her most. In fact, if it were acceptable, Catherine would be completely content quitting all jobs and ignoring all social engagements to simply curl up with a book - day in and day out. When she's not writing for her newspaper, her blog, or this blog, Catherine is furthering her love of news, gossiping about The Bachelor, dying in a hot yoga class, traveling someplace new, cheering on a hockey game, planning an adventurous future, or even more likely, having a cocktail … or ten. Twitter @catkitts / @inanutshellca
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