Book of the month – Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn

Wow… Spring has SPRUNG big time in Ottawa!

In fact, it seems like we skipped it all together and went straight to summer. I’m not complaining – I just got back from the Caribbean and the hot weather has made it an easier transition. Not easy… just easier.

Also, true story – I took a cab, luggage in tow, directly from the airport to our May book club meeting. As did Cat, who was coming from a Molson Canadian trip to Dublin. We are two dedicated founding members, I tell ya!

Somewhere between my exhaustion, sea legs and hunger, I managed to focus long enough to listen to the discussion of our April book, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls (chosen by the lovely Steph), and enthusiastically throw my support behind our next book.

But before we get into that, let me recap April with the UBC. After our meeting, we were featured on our newest member Laura’s lovely blog (she’s a wedding photographer) which you can check out here. We already know she is going to fit in perfectly.

We said a reluctant goodbye to Brigitte and threw her a fabulous sushi surprise party! We were so happy to have her for the last two years. It’s bittersweet since she’s on to bigger and better things. And she’s hoping to start an Atlantic chapter of the UBC… stay tuned!

Also, I just had to include this photo I found from the UBC night out at the end of March. Erin H.’s selfie skills are impressive, no?

Book club night out

Now to reveal our May pick (as if the title of this post didn’t give it away): Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn! This is the hottest book out there right now. Cat just reviewed it here for her Books with Buzz series, and Erin read another novel by the same author and reviewed it here. It’s a psychological thriller that everyone is talking about, and those who have read it praise it endlessly. Three of our members have already read it and all said it was one of the most unputdownable books they’ve ever read. Amazing.

And, in case you didn’t catch it in Cat’s post, Reese Witherspoon’s production company bought the rights to the screenplay, which the author is writing… although Reese will just be producing, not starring in the mystery film. Oh well.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve been this excited to read a book club pick in a long time!

Have you read Gone Girl? Will we like it?


About Julia Kent

Julia is an outgoing and energetic writer and food blogger from Halifax. Five years ago, Julia started The Unputdownable Book Club and her food blog, The Domestic Blonde. A graduate of Carleton University’s journalism program, Julia currently works in Ottawa in public relations. As a former broadcast journalist and with a background in musical theatre, she is a natural presenter. In her free time, she recipe-tests, reads, runs, hosts a podcast called Young PR Pros, watches bad television and plays competitive soccer. She’s addicted to Canadian Living and Chapters Indigo. Her favourite books include A Thousand Splendid Suns, Pride & Prejudice and The Book of Negroes. Twitter: @kentjulia
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