My favourite decorating books – part one

There are countless resources for home decorating and design, including DIY and home décor TV shows, blogs and websites. Fortunately, there are also plenty of books. The trick is weeding out the gorgeous picture-books from the practical, how-to manuals.

Every so often, there are décor books that are not only beautiful but actually informative and inspirational. The books on my list of favorites are just that – visually pleasing, yet helpful. They’re all full of tips, tricks, and projects that will bring out the confidence in all of our inner decorators.

The first book on my list of favorites is Domino: The Book of Decorating by the editors at Domino Magazine. The sections of the book are conveniently organized by room. Each section contains helpful and straightforward advice from the brainpower at Domino – whether from archived articles or the personal experiences of its editors. This makes Domino a great book for beginners – it helps you figure out where to start, encourages finding your own personal style and helps you assess the wants and needs of your space.

domino1As is the case with many design books, Domino has less text than photos. There are countless wonderfully decorated spaces to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. However, the photos included are not just beautifully staged homes, but are also helpful diagrams, furniture pieces and floor plan options.


In every section, there is an example of a room based on what the editors call “the domino effect” – finding a key element or furniture piece for a space and working the rest of the room from it. It’s a fabulous starting point for any room and any style. What I love most about this book are the tips on how to “mix and match” different styles. I personally love an eclectic-styled room but know, from painstaking experience, that it isn’t an easy look to achieve. Domino outlines the basics and helps you get a handle on the look you want to achieve.

61489cb2f1d71135a68b53362bd40f48    Domino book look

Just when you think the book couldn’t possibly get any better, the last pages are a reference section – listing types of window treatments, cushions, furniture styles, etc. with a sketch, definition and relevant pros and cons. There is also a great resource guide that lists great stores and online shops to purchase décor for your space – for all budgets.

Put this one on your wish list, seriously!

What are your thoughts on Domino?

In my next review: Design Sponge at Home by Grace Bonney.

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