My favourite decorating books – part three

The previous posts in this series were reviews on two of my all-time favourites: Domino by the editors of Domino Magazine and Design*Sponge at Home by Grace Bonney. For the third and final post, I will be reviewing Mariana R. Eguaras-Etchetto’s 1000 Ideas for Home Design and Decorating. Eguaras-Etchetto is a writer specializing in interior design and decoration based in Barcelona, Spain.

07893207111000 Ideas for Home Design and Decorating is a home improvement book that uses spaces created by designers and decorators from all over the world to offer inspiration and insight, tips and suggestions and advice and solutions for both professionals and beginners … and it is fantastic!

Although there are over 400 pages of text and photos on architecture and interior design, the layout of the content is thoughtfully and logically organized. It starts with the basics – space, lighting, furniture and colour and then goes into detail on flooring, wall coverings, window treatments, incorporating furniture and colour schemes.

There are hundreds of photos of modern, freshly designed spaces in this book. What is especially great is that the spaces are not only residential but also include some commercial settings – a treat for those of us who love all things well decorated. The innovative/current design ideas offer plenty of inspiration. For me, the best part of this book is the showcasing of new products, modern colour schemes and unique décor selections.

Each section not only has amazing photographs but also includes drawings for visual explanation as well as useful and instructive blurbs relating to each photo. While sometimes it is easy to get lost in all the eye candy in decorating books, the text in this book is well considered and compels the reader to actually read. I especially love the do’s and don’ts that are added throughout the book – addressing any challenges that might come up.

The bottom line: this book is practical and useful. Anyone from professional designer to first-time renovator can use this book and use what they learned from it to transform their space. Five stars!

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