Happy third anniversary, UBC!

Today is The Unputdownable Book Club’s third anniversary (!!!).

After three years, 36 meetings, over 40 members (past & present) and an obscene amount of cheese consumed, I think I can speak for all of us when I say how proud we are to be celebrating our third birthday.

In the beginning...

In the beginning…

I’m one of six “founding members” who were lucky enough to be at that very first meeting. Just a handful of us, timidly clutching our book picks and making small talk over homemade appetizers. None of us, (except maybe Julia), had any idea that book club would turn into our favourite Sunday of the month. That it would result in some of the most wild parties we’ve ever been to. Or, most importantly, it would allow us to make friends we’ll likely have for the rest of our lives.

To say that book club has evolved into much more than just a monthly discussion about literature would be an understatement.

Because somewhere between the debates on Vonnegut, Franzen, Barnes and Hemingway – between bashing E.L James, laughing with Jenny Lawson and crying with Lawrence Hill – between furthering a love of reading, of dynamic characters and of expertly crafted prose – we found something a little more special.

We found friendships.

Christmas Party, 2011

Christmas Party, 2011

It may seem inevitable when you put a group of intelligent, outspoken and passionate women in one room, but what makes book club friends so special is how we are all so different, all at such varying stages of life, but all have one common love that threads us together.

One of many wild sleepovers.

One of many wild sleepovers

On a day like today, it’s only fair to give a special mention to one special person that if we didn’t have, this book club would cease to exist.

I still remember when Julia turned to me in class, right before completing our undergrad degrees, and asked: “If I started a book club, would you join?” I think the reason that pushed me to respond a resounding “Yes!” is much like that of many of the girls who have joined over the years: a desire to remember what it’s like to read for fun.

As almost all of us can boast a university degree (or two!) we’d fallen victim to academia and had lost that irreplaceable feeling of curling up with a book, getting lost in the pages and falling in love with words inside.

But without Julia, without that one person to invite the right people, organize the meetings, bring them to order, create the Facebook group, dream up the blog, manage the spreadsheets (yes, this actually happens) and then be the face of The Unputdownable Book Club when it makes it’s way to the television screen – well, it would, like so many book clubs before it, crumble at the seams.

Book Club birthdays

Book Club birthdays

At three years, when I think of “book club” I may think of that time Erin picked the worst book ever, the time we live tweeted with author Lauren Davis after reading Our Daily Bread or when Nancy Richler signed our copies of The Imposter Bride.

Book Club annual Barrhaven run

Book Club annual Barrhaven run

But even more likely, I’m reminded every time I sip from one of the wine glasses I received at our last Christmas party gift exchange. I smile every time I see the card on my mantle that all the girls signed for my birthday. I’m thankful when I make a recipe that I just had to have after eating someone else’s delectable potluck item. And I love the framed photo in my bedroom of our triumphant flip cup team at one of our legendary sleepovers.

I think the tag line on this very blog has never resonated more than it does today: “Young women who love books, wine, food and each other.”1371242_10100481498550745_1191342665_n

Because you can read the posts about how to start a book club, how to run a book club meeting and how to make your book club successful, but just like a really good book can change your life, so can the people in your book club.

Oct. 3 may be our third anniversary, but just think about how many more memories, hilarious stories and unforgettable times we’ll have when we celebrate year 10, 20 and 30.

Happy “three year”, ladies. Here’s to many more.Unputdownable Book Club - Ottawa Book Clubs - Laura Kelly Photography Ottawa Weddings_0019


About Catherine Kitts

Catherine wrote her first story when she was four-years-old. It was entitled "The Nest" and she won a prize for it. Naturally, that lead her down a path destined to, one day, write best sellers ….. Or at least read them. Somewhere between getting a Bachelor of Journalism from Carleton University, slinging drinks professionally (and otherwise), becoming the editor of a local newspaper, and partying her face off at every chance she gets, Catherine found time to proudly hold a title as "founding member" of the Unputdownable book club. Thought provoking, life inspiring or heartstring-pulling fiction is what interests her most. In fact, if it were acceptable, Catherine would be completely content quitting all jobs and ignoring all social engagements to simply curl up with a book - day in and day out. When she's not writing for her newspaper, her blog, or this blog, Catherine is furthering her love of news, gossiping about The Bachelor, dying in a hot yoga class, traveling someplace new, cheering on a hockey game, planning an adventurous future, or even more likely, having a cocktail … or ten. Twitter @catkitts / @inanutshellca
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8 Responses to Happy third anniversary, UBC!

  1. Erin Chezick says:

    So many amazing memories and amazing women! Great tribute, Cat.


  2. Erin Hopkin says:

    Awesome post Cat! I have only been around for about one of those three years, but I am glad to be a part of such an amazing group!


  3. Kevin Kitts says:

    It is obvious that the Unputdownables constitute a group of great girls who have a great love of books and of the joy that comes from reading.
    It is also obvious that the Unputdownables constitute a group of great girls who have a great love of cheese, wine, and wild parties.
    Congratulations, on the UBC’s Three Year Anniversary!
    Congratulations to the Chief Unputdownable, Julia, for all the hard work that she has invested in the UBC!


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