Happy first birthday, UBC blog!


This has been a special week for the UBC. On October 3rd, Catherine wrote about our third anniversary as a club – what an amazing milestone that was! Today, we celebrate yet another as the blog turns one year old – our blogiversary, if you will.

I remember very clearly the meeting where Julia announced (in true presidential fashion) that it was time we look to the future and take another step in our journey as a club. Her vision, along with Alex’s skills and expertise, gave birth to this site. Her leadership and organizational skills keep us posting regularly. In case you haven’t sensed the theme already, as much as we tease her for being so Type A, we definitely wouldn’t be where we are without Julia!

She is, of course, one of our many multi-talented members. Many of us had been writing and storytelling almost as long as we’ve been reading, and a blog is yet another great way to continue pursuing these things that we love beyond graduation and the classroom.

91 posts later we can proudly say that we have over 180 followers between subscription, Facebook, and Twitter. All told, we have over 46 000 views from all over the world and almost 300 comments. Our readers also find us when they’re searching for “book club books” and when looking for more information on one of the picks we’ve already read and reviewed.

bougie3So tomorrow when I happily select our 35th pick we’ll be taking an extra moment to appreciate the wonderful women gathered around my living room. I don’t know what step may be next for the UBC, but I know it will be amazing. Thank you for reading along as we continue to meet through all the changes in our lives. I know we’ll be looking forward to the best Sunday of the month for many more milestones to come.


About Erin Chezick

Experienced Information Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Strong education professional working towards a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused in Management and Change from Carleton University.
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