A Book Lover’s Gift Guide

With Christmas just 7 (!!) days away, we here at the Unputdownable Book Club wanted to help you out with a sometimes tricky person to cross off your list: a book lover. If you’re looking for a great gift for someone whose nose is often buried in the pages of a book (or e-reader), look no further. These book-themed gifts are sure to make any bookworm smile.

1. Mug: Chapters/Indigo, $10
I actually gave this to a fellow member as part of our Christmas gift exchange and it was quite well received! For the UBC girls, a good book is often accompanied by a nice spot of tea. Enter this mug, bringing two of our beloved things together. Mug2. iPhone Case: Kate Spade, $40
Most of our members are also attached to their phones. How else could we instantly update our Goodreads account? Keep your tech-savvy book nerd happy with a nostalgic iPhone case.

iphone case

3. J.R.R. Toiken Luggage Tag: Etsy, $22
If your book lover is also a lover of travel (like our member Alyssa, who we miss dearly!) then this luggage tag is the perfect new accessory for their suitcase.

luggage tag

4. Stack of Books Shower Curtain: Cafe Press, $69.50
This gift is sure to encourage reading in the tub. Surprise your book lover by sprucing up their bathroom with this old-fashioned shower curtain.

shower curtain

5. Food for Thought Platter: Chapters/Indigo, $14
Another gift that was a huge hit at our Christmas gift exchange was this lovely serving platter, featuring the words of the famous Virginia Woolf. Any book lover who also enjoys cheese (aka ALL UBC members) would love this pretty party platter.


6. Personalized Stamp: Etsy, $43
For anyone with a large collection of books, lending (and losing) books can be a common occurrence. Help your book lover build their personal library with this personalized stamp.


7. Today I’m Reading Mug: Upstart.com, $8
Because one mug is never enough, give your book lover the chance to broadcast to the world their current pick. Sure to cause interesting conversations in the workplace, this mug is another awesome gift for the coffee/tea lover in your book club.


8. Favourite Books

It’s tried and true, but most book lovers are excited to receive MORE books. Whether you opt for a gift card to their local bookstore, buy them a copy of your favourite book or take the recommendations from a certain blog you’re currently visiting, giving the joy of reading to someone is always a great idea over the Holidays!


About Meghan Brown

Recently dubbed, "the most popular person in Book Club," much to the chagrin of the President, Meghan is a lover of books, humour, wine and food (in no particular order). Luckily, all of these elements are free-flowing within the UBC. A two-time graduate of Carleton University, having completed her B.A. in Law & English and her M.A. in Legal Studies, Meghan's love for the law wasn't unmatched by her love for literature. After completing her second degree in 2012, she was finally able to join this book club and get back to reading for pleasure rather than burrying her nose in legal journals. An animal lover, you can be sure to find Meghan curling up with a good book and her famous cat, Jasper, on any given occasion. Website: inanutshell.ca Twitter: @megb723
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6 Responses to A Book Lover’s Gift Guide

  1. Julia Kent says:

    Yvonne gave me the stamp for my birthday last year! Love it Meghan 🙂


  2. Alyssa Fowler says:

    So I had a tiny list this year (suitable to the amount of space in my life for material goods at the moment) that just happened to triple. I’m currently sipping a delicious tea from a very unacceptably small sized mug.
    C.S. Lewis basically narrates my life.


  3. Chrissy says:

    Our book club had our Christmas meeting (no book discussion) with a Yankee Swap last night. The CS Lewis book was one of the gifts. I love the “Today I am Reading” Mug – it’d be great for my middle school.


  4. deannasallao says:

    wow! i like your post about this!
    you can also find ideas for your Christmas gifts for Him and for Her on my post.
    here’s the link :

    merry christmas!

    Deanna ( http://www.talkaboutbeauty.wordpress.com )


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