Our favourite books in 2013

The very best part about our book club is all the different opinions. It’s very rare that we unanimously love or hate a book, a character or an author. More often than not, we completely disagree, and that’s what makes our discussions so interesting.

Before I get into this post, I must say that 2013 was the UBC’s best year yet. We read some unbelievable books in the last 12 months. When I polled the girls and asked them to choose their favourite UBC book from 2013, they were all complaining – “This is too hard!”

It was hard. I loved almost all the books we read last year!

  1. January 2013 – Our Daily Bread – Lauren Davis
  2. February 2013 – The Imposter Bride – Nancy Richler
  3. March 2013 – Prisoner of Tehran – Marina Nemat
  4. April 2013 – The Glass Castle – Jeannette Walls
  5. May 2013 – Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn
  6. June 2013 – Me Before You – JoJo Moyes
  7. July 2013 – Lolita – Vladimir Nabokov
  8. August 2013 – The Dinner – Herman Koch
  9. September 2013 – TransAtlantic – Column McCann
  10. October 2013 – The God of Small Things – Arundhati Roy
  11. November 2013 – Blindness – José Saramago
  12. December 2013 – The Interestings – Meg Wolitzer

Last year, we chose our top three books. But this year, we have two ties – a tie for first place, and a tie for second. So we’re sharing our top four books from 2013.

2b. Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

Enough has already been said about this book, specifically with my review, Kristy’s review and it making both mine and Erin’s favourite books from 2013. It’s also a Julia’s Pick… soo yeah, you should read it.

2a. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

It’s a classic. And with Sian moving away from us, she wanted to go out with a bang. Some girls had a hard time getting through it, but those who did truly loved it. Regardless, there’s little doubt it’s one of the most beautifully-written books of all time.

1b. Prisoner of Tehran by Marina Nemat

I read this long before book club even existed, so I was over-the-moon when Erin F. picked it in March. I even named it a Julia’s Pick. Thankfully the girls loved it as much as I did. If you’re interested in the Middle East or Iranian history, it’s a must-read for sure. Oh, and it’s a Canadian author, and obviously we love that.

1a. Our Daily Bread by Lauren Davis

I maintain that the UBC has never collectively and unanimously loved a book more than this one. When we went around the room, almost everyone rated it 5/5. Davis is Canadian too, and we can’t wait to read what she writes next. I’ve recommended it to countless people, and it’s another novel that made both mine and Erin’s favourite books of 2013 list, as well as Julia’s Picks.


About Julia Kent

Julia is an outgoing and energetic writer and food blogger from Halifax. Five years ago, Julia started The Unputdownable Book Club and her food blog, The Domestic Blonde. A graduate of Carleton University’s journalism program, Julia currently works in Ottawa in public relations. As a former broadcast journalist and with a background in musical theatre, she is a natural presenter. In her free time, she recipe-tests, reads, runs, hosts a podcast called Young PR Pros, watches bad television and plays competitive soccer. She’s addicted to Canadian Living and Chapters Indigo. Her favourite books include A Thousand Splendid Suns, Pride & Prejudice and The Book of Negroes. Twitter: @kentjulia
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