Book of the month – Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins

Boy, do we have news today!

Or should I say boy AND girl?

That’s right – two more book club babies were born since our last post!

On April 6th, Kristy gave birth to Mila Vivian Conners, who was 11 days overdue and a whopping 9 lbs 11 oz! Which is pretty crazy since Kristy is basically 5-foot-nothing. And, on April 10th (six days early), Laura gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Cooper Scott Kelly, who was 9 lbs 7 oz, which is actually not that big considering her husband Ryan is a real-life giant!

Anyway, congratulations to the two latest UBC mommas! We’re overjoyed for you. Coupled with Erin’s baby James, we REALLY think it’s high-time for another UBC photoshoot, but like this (as we’ve said before):

Book Club Babies


So cute.

Soo, what happened in the UBC’s world in March? Other than babies, that is?

Well, first and foremost, we heard about this crazy app that’s coming out that will allow us to read faster. Like, WAY faster. For slowpokes like me, this is great news. Reading faster = reading more books. Can’t wait.

Then, later in the month, we had a profound realization. It was triggered by Brigitte’s mother Gisele, who sent an email that spoke to all of us:

Hello readers,

I just thought I would share something that I came across recently.

Carl Sagan, on a television show from a series he had in the 80s about the universe, was in a library, saying that if he were to read a book a week for his whole adulthood, assuming a normal life span, he could only read a few thousand. He showed how small a proportion of all the books in that room that was on just a section of the shelves. Now, imagine how many are out in the world. So naturally we can’t read everything.

So, be very very picky about what you spend your time reading. If you don’t enjoy a book, quit it. If you aren’t enthusiastic or absorbed, or astonished; abandon it. There isn’t enough time, so don’t waste it.

Happy reading, my dears.

And that’s the moral of the story.

Many of us are overwhelmed by the books out there (particularly those we want to read). I suffer from some serious FOMO (fear of missing out) when it comes to novels. So why waste time on novels we’re not enjoying? Gisele makes a great point – just don’t!

And then, recently, there was this. Gross and disturbing. We don’t want to go there, but if you like creepy stuff, click the link. I assure you it’s at least book-related. Thanks, Erin H.!

Now, I can’t tell you who will be reviewing Laura’s pick, Where’d You Go Bernadette (which we found out was chosen for Lauren Conrad’s book club too), because well… she just got home from the hospital and probably has her hands full with baby Coop. But we promise to get it up (with discussion questions! We know how everyone loves discussion questions) before our next meeting, as always.

On to this month’s book…

Alex chose her father’s very favourite book, Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins! Most of the girls had never heard of it, surprisingly enough. It’s an epic, written in 1984, with four story lines, one set in 8th century Bohemia and the others in modern day New OrleansSeattle and Paris. Go figure.

Otherwise, we don’t know much about the plot. The book jacket talks about a janitor and a missing blue bottle, which apparently constitutes a saga. To me, it sounds a little Kurt Vonnegut-esque… but we’ll see! 

Did YOU read Jitterbug Perfume? What did you think?


About Julia Kent

Julia is an outgoing and energetic writer and food blogger from Halifax. Five years ago, Julia started The Unputdownable Book Club and her food blog, The Domestic Blonde. A graduate of Carleton University’s journalism program, Julia currently works in Ottawa in public relations. As a former broadcast journalist and with a background in musical theatre, she is a natural presenter. In her free time, she recipe-tests, reads, runs, hosts a podcast called Young PR Pros, watches bad television and plays competitive soccer. She’s addicted to Canadian Living and Chapters Indigo. Her favourite books include A Thousand Splendid Suns, Pride & Prejudice and The Book of Negroes. Twitter: @kentjulia
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