We’re Back!

Hi Readers!

After a bit of a hiatus, The Unputdownable Book Club is back to blogging!

We also have a new blog coordinator now! Our Prez stepped down after having a baby, and we couldn’t be happier for her. Sarah has officially taken over – and while she could never dream of filling Julia’s blogging shoes, she’s excited to be the one to continue updating our followers.

As always, this blog will be all about what’s going on in the UBC, how we feel about what we’re reading, and everything else book-related. We also want to know what kind of content you want to see from us on our blog. Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for all the continued support!

Ottawa Book Clubs - Ladies Book Club Party Ideas - Laura Kelly Photography the Unputdownable Book Club_0013


View More: http://laurakelly.pass.us/bookclub2

Sarah & Julia

(And thanks as always to our talented member who took the photos above, Ottawa wedding photographer Laura Kelly)


About Sarah Manley

Sarah is as girly as they come, but has no time for fluffy books. With a degree in English literature, Sarah has a deep appreciation for a well-written good story. Sarah loves curling up under a blanket with a latte to read a good book, but as a busy mom, she's had to become a huge fan of audiobooks. Her favourite book (and musical!) is The Color Purple by Alice Walker. When she's not reading (or listening), she can usually be found at the dog park searching for bugs with her toddler. Instagram: @sair_
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