Welcome to The Unputdownable Book Club blog!

How we started

I’m Julia Kent, the president and founder of the book club. After graduating from Carleton’s journalism school, I suddenly had time to read novels. As I plowed through books, I felt lonely – reading was wonderful, but I wanted to share it with someone. I missed the university-like environment where I could discuss what I was learning and reading with my peers.

Then, it clicked – I’ll start a book club! I gathered my closest girlfriends (the founding members) and in October 2010, we had our first book club meeting. Over the last five years, we’ve grown to more than 40 members and started this blog.


How it works

Our book club normally meets on the first Sunday of every month. The hosting rotates through the members, as does the book-picking. The meetings are always potluck and BYOW (bring your own wine), and typically feature a lot of cheese and quinoa salads. Lately, the book club has become so popular we’ve had to institute recruiting freezes, but periodically we accept new members through referral.

The Unputdownable Book Club | unputdownablebookclub.com


Who we are

We are an eclectic collection of young ladies with varying interests, beliefs and backgrounds. That being said, we do have some commonalities – we’re strong, educated women who love being in a learning environment. Even though book club is sometimes heavy on the wine and light on the books, it’s really about getting together with other intelligent women who challenge and motivate each other.

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What we read

Name a genre, and we’ve probably read it. You can see the complete list of our book picks by clicking here, but typically we’re reading critically-acclaimed fiction, whether it be classics, award-winners or just what’s hot right now. We try to choose Canadian authors more often than not and like picking books with buzz. The bottom line? Nothing is off-limits in our book club.

Why the blog

At our meetings, I’ve often wished someone was recording the wonderful discussions we have and the excellent points some girls make. We realized we should be sharing our opinions and experiences with the world, while providing a creative outlet for our members. On this blog you’ll find book reviews, monthly series, debates and much more.

Don’t hesitate – get involved by reading along with us!

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2 Responses to About

  1. Racha Al Abdullah says:

    My name is Racha and I was looking for an Ottawa book club where members read books by women and I came across your blog. I don’t know anybody in your club but would like to join. I also do not have a twitter account. I wonder whether there is an email address through which I can get in touch with one of the organizers?
    I have a master’s degree in legal studies from Carleton and I’m looking into studying for a Bachelor’s in English at the University of Ottawa next fall. As far as books go, I read widely and I especially like books by non-American/Canadian authors. Some of my favourites include Albert Camus’s The Plague, Nawal Al Saadawi’s Searching and Edward Said’s Orientalism.
    I liked that your reading list included Saramago, Arundhati Roy and Hemingway. The last two are authors I hope to read very soon. Last month, I finished the sequel to Saramago’s Blindness (called Seeing) which was wonderful, sad and close to my heart. It describes perfectly what life is like under a totalitarian regime. So I very much recommend it to you ladies. The doctor’s wife is one of my favourite characters in recent memory.
    I’d appreciate it if one of the founding members will get back to me. If any of you would like to meet with me, please don’t hesitate to let me know via email.
    Thank you and I’m looking forward to meeting you all!


    • Julia Kent says:

      Hi Racha,

      Thanks for stopping by! Wow, I can’t believe you have a masters AND are looking into an English degree! Clearly you’re very smart 🙂
      We’re currently reading Saramago, but really enjoyed Hemingway and Roy. I’ve heard Blindness is better than Seeing, though! Happy to hear you enjoyed both.

      Unfortunately we only accept new members by referral at this time, but we certainly appreciate your interest and encourage you to read along with us. We post our monthly book on the blog on the first Monday of every month and encourage discussion and comments from our readers around the world. You can also interact with us and read along through our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/unputdownablebc

      If you Google “Canadian book clubs”, there are a lot of clubs right here in Ottawa who take new members without a referral. Best of luck and we hope you’ll stop by the blog again soon!

      Julia Kent


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