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Alyssa is an avid foodie and party-animal with a severe case of wanderlust. Just recently completing her degree in Human Rights & Political Science focused in International Relations, she is now trying to decide where she wants to go and what she wants to be when she grows up (which is beginning to look like it may have to be picked out of a hat). The decision of January 2013 was to move to Vancouver, B.C., to do her Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and live with one of her oldest friends. Although an obvious prerequisite for "Unputdownable" membership, Alyssa loves to read and is thrilled to finally be able to set down some of the text books and start knocking off some of the titles on her 'impossible to finish' reading list. Although that list includes titles from almost every genre available, she generally prefers historical fictions or biographies (The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill being her most highly rated book). She has also been more recently accused of being too caught up in American politics. This is only furthered between 11:05pm and 12:05am with her addiction to the political satire of Stewart & Colbert. Trying to find adventure in the everyday, Alyssa is usually hunting down new music, baking (followed closely by eating), trying new restaurants, on her yoga mat, running, or enjoying happy hour with the ladies in her life. Preferably all in one day. To sum it up, she'd like to be everywhere, meet everyone, read everything, and experience it all. If that's not too much to ask? Twitter: @alyssfowlr Instagram: @alyssafowlr

Tales from a nomadic bibliophile (part 2) – Reading Sarah’s Key in Paris

So, it’s been a little while since Part 1 of this ‘meant to be series’, but here I am, a few months older and with a few more titles checked off my ‘impossible to complete within this lifetime’ list of … Continue reading

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Tales from a nomadic bibliophile (part 1) – For the love of reading and travelling

Having been enrolled in school almost consistently from the preliterate age of four until this past year, my social life and I struggled to make time to get through the never-ending list of assigned reading material. Needless to say, checking … Continue reading

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